Date: 19/01/2021 22:00 (GMT+02:00)
Duration: 1 hour(s)
Languages: Español
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Educar la mirada (Educate the way we see): critical thinking and screens

At what age would you allow your child to swim in a swimming pool on his own? Could you guess? No, because the answer has nothing to do with age. The answer is: when he can swim. The same is the case for the first mobile phone. What's the right age? There isn´t one. The answer should be: when my child is ready to surf the Internet alone. And for this as parents we play a fundamental role. Among many other things, our mission is to educate how they look at things. If not, they will access the virtual world thinking that it is real, their self-esteem will be heavily affected, getting frustrated, seeing as ideal people who are not real... The philosopher and author of the book 'El arte de pensar' ('The Art of Thinking') José Carlos Ruiz will help parents reflect on this issue and gradually educate their children's vision so that when they access the virtual world they will have the critical thinking process OFF switch activated (as he calls it) and know how to differentiate between what the real world is and what the virtual world is.

José Carlos Ruiz

Philosopher and writer