Instructor: Agustín Arroyo

Introduction to design and digital making

Digital making is presented as a revolutionary tool in all aspects, but perhaps one of the most interesting things is its usefulness as a tool in the classroom. On the one hand, because we are talking about acquiring skills that directly make it easier to find employment tomorrow, and on the other, because the approach to these technologies brings implicit - in addition to the technical - a strong social component; it brings to the forefront to approach and demonstrate the virtues of the collaborative versus the aggressive individualism in which we are immersed. This introductory course in digital making is open as it targets teachers, students and anyone with an interest in entering the world of digital design and manufacturing. The course focuses on two specific areas; Vector 2D design and 3D design or modeling, each aimed at technologies such as laser cutting or 3D printing that turn our designs into tangible objects. The course is structured set of micro video pills to facilitate the assimilation of the contents as efficiently as possible. The videos are accompanied by the teaching material needed for the realization of practical exercises that implement the tools learned during the course.