Instructor: Rosa Álvarez
08/03/2021 18:30 - 20:00 (Madrid)

Structured teaching, a key in the intervention with people with ASD. Basics and digital support tools.

Based on knowledge of the characteristics of autism, and individual evaluation, something distinctive about the TEACCH program is that it places special emphasis on fostering their interests and skills, trying to promote the greater possibility of the autonomy of the person with ASD and facilitate their inclusion in all community areas. To this end, structured teaching is one of the fundamental pillars of this methodology: the organization of physical space, the structuring of time, the development of work systems, etc. Through the design of individualized support and the use of visual supports, facilitate the understanding of the environment and the participation of the person with ASD. This webinar will review the fundamental principles of structured teaching and analyze digital applications that facilitate its implementation.