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Activista Orange

The program aims to raise awareness among the students and awaken their activist spirit on issues of significant importance in today's world, such as the responsible use of technologies or gender equality in science and technology careers.

To do so, we provide teachers with a set of proposals and methodologies to address these issues in the classroom, from awareness-raising activities to active dynamics and projects.

Currently, Activista Orange has two programs, Activista LOVE and Activista STEAM, with content to explore with students the topics of responsible usage of technology (cyberbulling, vamping, sexting ...) and STEAM careers with a gender focus, respectively.

Activista Orange lines of work
Activista LOVE
Improve the relationship of children and young people with technology, promoting its responsible use and understanding their role in digital citizenship
Activista STEAM
Encourage STEAM vocations among girls, as well as understand STEAM opportunities beyond more traditional and well-known careers.

Active and project-based methodologies to promote an activist spirit in the format and with the dedication that best suits your classroom

The Activista Orange program has modular support materials, based on active methodologies and project-based learning, which will allow you to adapt the content to your needs and the time of dedication you want to give it. From a small activity to raise awareness among students about the responsible usage of technologies, to a research project on women in STEAM careers, the objectives of the program are to raise awareness among students, delve into topics so that they become experts, and collaborate with the objective of promoting their activist spirit and thus being able to transmit this knowledge to other people around them.

Learning phases of the program


Reflecting on the impact of the topics on society


Becoming experts in the topics through activities


Boosting their activist spirit through projects

Competences that your students will work on

  • Social awareness and empathy. Through reflection and awareness activities, students acquire knowledge about social problems in their environment.
  • Learn by doing. Through active methodologies, the idea is to learn through practical activities and projects, rather than a theory-based format.
  • Cooperative learning. Through group activities and projects, students learn to collaborate and work as a team in order to make their learning tangible.
  • Digital competence. The type of activities proposed address intrinsically the digital competence, either through the use of applications or through the use of digital creative tools.

Who is it for?

Students of the upper cycle of Primary School (5th and 6th grade) and from the first cycle of Secondary School (1st and 2nd years, according to the Spanish system)

Who can use it?

In addition to teachers, this material can also be used by families or schools' parents' associations who wish to address these issues with their children.