Dedication: 15 hours
Course type: SPOOC (Self-Paced Private Online Course)
Lessons: 4
Languages: Español
Powered by: Aonia Educación

Advanced Programming: From Scratch to Python

Start programming with code!

Have you already worked on other courses programming with blocks, or do you have intermediate programming knowledge with programs like Scratch? If so, it's time to take the next step and start programming your own code. You'll do this using one of the most popular programming languages today, Python, and create your first programs sooner than you imagine.  Ready? Let's program!


  • Introduction to programming
    • What is programming?
    • Programming languages
    • From block to code
  • Python
    • History of Python
    • Python structure
    • Tools to program in Python (Makecode - Edublock - Tynker)
  • My first Python program
    • "Hello World" from Python: Questions and Answers
    • Importing modules: import - from
    • Definition of variables and functions
    • Print, input, display
    • Conditionals and loops
    • Activity
  • Final Project
    • Designing the project: project flowchart
    • Imports and definitions
    • Program
    • Theseus and modifications

David Vidal

Head of Educational Innovation at Aonia Educación