Dedication: 15 hours
Course type: SPOOC (Self-Paced Private Online Course)
Lessons: 4
Languages: Español
Powered by: Aonia Educación

Arduino and App Inventor for advanced users

Feel the power...

... to combine your knowledge and create applications that control and take information from your projects with Arduino. With this course you will learn how to create projects connected to applications, which will open the doors of the Internet of Things (IoT), the technology that will change the world in the next few years. Are you brave enough? Yes, you can! 


  • Arduino and App Inventor
    • What is Arduino?
    • What is an App?
    • Bluetooth
  • Arduino Programming
    • Bitbloq
    • Programming with blocks
  • Creating an App
    • App Inventor
    • Programming an App
  • Testing and testing
    • Testing the sending and receiving of data
    • Serial Monitor
    • Exporting Apk
    • Now it's your turn

Carlos Yeray Lobato

Trainer at Aonia Educación

Teacher and expert in Computational Thinking and Education

David Vidal

Head of Educational Innovation at Aonia Educación