Dedication: 15 hours
Course type: SPOOC (Self-Paced Private Online Course)
Lessons: 5
Languages: Español
Powered by: Aonia Educación

Arduino for intermediate users

Improve your skills with Arduino! 

If you are here, it's because you already know what Arduino is and how to program it, but ...How far can we go? With this course you will see that the possibilities of Arduino are almost endless, and you will find out about the great variety of projects that you can create. Do you dare to continue improving your programming skills and go into depth with robotics wit Arduino? Let's go! 


  • Robotics
    • What is robotics?
    • What is Arduino?
    • Programming languages
  • Arduino Programming
    • Bitbloq
    • Programming with blocks
  • Basic programming blocks
  • Advanced programming blocks
  • What else can I do?
    • Connecting to other tools
    • Available Resources

Carlos Yeray Lobato

Trainer at Aonia Educación

Teacher and expert in Computational Thinking and Education

David Vidal

Head of Educational Innovation at Aonia Educación