Dedication: 6-10 hours
Course type: MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
Lessons: 6
Languages: Español
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Digital skills for life and employment

In this course you will learn new digital skills for both your personal life and employment. First of all, you'll start with the first steps on the use of digital devices and the Internet and thanks to digital tools such as the calendar, learn how to do online paperwork and manage your personal life in general. After that, you will see the keys to being a citizen or digital citizen, learning how to make good use of social networks, protect your data and communicate your passions and develop your creativity through photographs and videos. Finally, you'll learn how to create a CV, a cover letter and look for online employment, and discover tools to be more digital in a job and continue learning in the digital world.


  • Open myself to the digital world
    • take advantage of a Smartphone
    • start with a computer
    • do Internet searches
  • Managing my personal life
    • make arrangements online
    • plan my life
  • Exercise my digital citizenship
    • be responsible in the social media
    • protect my data
  • Communicate my passions
    • build my personal brand
    • create photos and videos
    • present my ideas
  • Find a job online
    • create my resume
    • use search portals
    • write my cover letter
  • Being digital in my work
    • work in the cloud
    • Deep learning