Dedication: 4 hours
Course type: MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
Lessons: 4
Languages: Español

Building a vision. What skills are key to my students?

The aim of this course is to get educators to design a skills framework which is adapted to the specific needs of the students and guides all the work they carry out in their classroom. From the question, what do I want to make true for my students? we go through 3 time frames or phases: The current reality of my students, what I want to be true for them in the future and what I will do in my classroom tomorrow.


  • The educational challenge: Some figures on the current context of education
  • Developing cross-sectional skills in the classroom
  • Dynamics to work skills in the classroom
  • Vision components and features
  • How to work with vision in the classroom

María Román

ExE Trainer

Ilia Hernández

ExE Project manager