Dedication: 6-8 hours
Course type: MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
Lessons: 4
Languages: Español
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Digital skills for life and employment: support for teachers

This course is an introduction for teachers to the Digital Skills for Life and Employment course. It aims to provide a framework and methodological support to all those teachers who want to work on the Digital Skills for Life and Employment course with their students, or simply want to improve their teaching skills in the area of digital skills in general. Through this introductory course, you will learn how to get the most out of the course for students: you will learn how to work digital skills based on the needs of your group of students, with active methodologies and by projects, enhancing the simultaneous work of cross-section competencies, and finally planning the course to suit your class.


  • Working digital skills according to specific needs
  • Use of active and project-based methodologies
  • Strengthen cross-sectional skills
  • Plan a digital skills course tailored to a specific collective