Date: 20/09/2021 - 16/11/2021
Dedication: 48 hours
Course type: NOOC (Nano Open Online Course)
Lessons: 6
Languages: Español
Powered by: Lupe Montero, Gerardo Herrera and Francesc Sistach.
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Technology and autism: how to create your virtual classroom

Providing online training for students with autism and other special educational needs is a major challenge that COVID-19 has made urgent. This 4-week course discusses methodological aspects on how to plan and carry out a virtual classroom, analyzes the most common platforms for both students and teaching coordination, explores online tools and content that allow a multitude of activities and ends up presenting various technological tools to support all this.


  • General aspects
  • Platforms for the creation of virtual classrooms
  • Resources for teacher coordination
  • Digital materials
  • Online tools for content creation
  • Other technologies useful for virtual teaching

Lupe Montero

Special Education Teacher, Master in Technologies for Education and Knowledge and Director of the Inclusive Education Department in Smile and Learn.

Gerardo Herrera Gutiérrez

Researcher at Valencia University, head of the Adapta Lab, Autism Avila collaborator and brother of a woman with autism.

Álex Escolá

Psychologist with an MBA in Clinical Psychology and health. Specialized in ASD. He works at the Institute of Psychiatric and Psychological Diagnosis and Care IDAPP.

Pat Sánchez

Special Education Teacher, Educational Phycologist and ICT Coordinator of the Guru Special Education College in Barcelona.