Date: 18/10/2021 - 27/11/2021
Dedication: 12 hours
Course type: SPOOC (Self-Paced Private Online Course)
Languages: Español
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Introduction to person-centered planning

Introductory course on person-centered planning, a set of principles and strategies oriented at getting people with disabilities to take charge of their own lives. It is a course carried out with animated infographics, aimed at professionals and families of people with disabilities, in which concepts related to person-centered intervention are introduced in both the educational field and the field of community participation.


  • Introduction, PCP basics and PCP essentials
  • Objectives of PCP, the support and transition group to the person-centered model
  • Visual maps, specific PCP experiences and PCP meetings
  • What is PCP? not, The PCP process and conclusions

Mª Victoria Martín Cilleros

PhD and Degree in Psychology from the University of Salamanca. Professor contracted as the Doctor of the Department of Didactics, Organization and Research Methods of the University of Salamanca. The areas of research are related to attention to diversity, and more specifically to early attention, autism, and problematic behavior, along with qualitative research.

Ana Carratalá Marco

Trainer – consultant on person-centered planning processes since 2002. Training on applied ethics in the field of intellectual disability. Author of several publications on intellectual disability and processes focused on the person and on ethics and disability.

Javier Sevilla Peris

Computer engineer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia since 1995. He has worked at iSOCO, S.A. Researching the semantic web area, participating in several international projects in this area. He is secretary and co-founder of the ADAPTA Foundation, whose purposes include the application and research of technology to improve the quality of life for people with autism. Since 2005 he has worked in the autism group at IRTIC College. He has led and participated in several national and international projects related to technology and people with disabilities. He has written several articles in national and international journals in this field.

Gerardo Herrera Gutiérrez

Researcher at Valencia University, head of the Adapta Lab, Autism Avila collaborator and brother of a woman with autism.